Attijari Securities Central Africa

ASCA is a branch of ATTIJARIWAFA bank Group, a panafrican company positioned first on banking and finance in Maghreb.

With assets of 1,32 Billion XAF (FCFA), ASCA works on the investment banking of the group Attijariwafa bank in central Africa. Located in Douala, the subsidiary company manage all services around finance, stock market intermediation, asset servicing and investment consulting for the CEMAC region.

ASCA team members, master the meanders of negotiation, account management securities, procurement, portfolio management, investment financial consulting, financial canvassing among others. It is with a real pleasure they will share their expertise to private and public institutions, besides individuals.

Management procedures

A consolidated and rationalize management process favors optimum exploitation of all added value, ensuring sustainable management quality.

Information system

A performed information system characterized by integrated devices designed especially for our trades.

Human resources

The belonging and support of a solid financial group, a human patrimony with a proven track record.

Services quality

An adapted reporting and service quality in sempiternal improvement.