Individual, professional, assurances, social insurance fund.

Become a company shareholder and benefit from unlimited potential returns. Equities are easily reachable. Just set up a securities account.

ASCA proposes to its institutional and retail customers to invest in equities quoted on CEMAC, UEMOA and even international markets. Through our clearing and settlement business, we also offer investments in unlisted shares (private equity).

Investors’ expectations in the equity market are:

• Risk assessment and control (investment security)
• Realising added value
(depending on the evolution of the company or the behaviour of its shares on the stock exchange)
• Divided collection (based on company results)

On the stock exchange, most financial markets are settled in cash (not on credit), you must make capital available beforehand to buy shares. Via your stock market intermediary, you place a purchase order.

And when you want to divest yourself of your listed shares, you place an order to sell.
With regard to the tax system, the withholding tax rate on dividends on shares listed on the BVMAC stock exchange is 10%.

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