Individuals, professionals, insurances, Social insurance fund.


Become a company shareholder and benefit from unlimited potential returns. Equities are easily reachable…

Individual, professional, bank, insurance, Social insurance fund.


Take advantage of these investment features that offer known, fixed and highly cost-effective returns…

Professional, bank, insurances, Social insurance fund.


Take advantage of the flexibility of these securities issued in order to meet a short and medium-term financing…

Our risk management relies on analysts and traders who are able to control the risk/return ratio and seize market opportunities according to political, economic, environmental, legal, technological and financial contexts.

Our placing offers

We advise our customers on investment opportunities presented by the CEMAC and UEMOA financial markets, as well as international ones, offering an interesting risk/return ratio. ASCA offers suitable investments for all kinds of investors. Whether you are a beginner, a rookie or an expert.

The placing offer includes the following products :
• Listed equities (BVMAC, BRVM and international)
• Non-listed equities (CEMAC, WAEMU and International)
• Listed and unlisted bonds (CEMAC, BRVM)
• Free public securities subscription (money market: OTA/BTA)
• Negotiable debt securities (monetary market)
• Negotiable government securities
• Organisms for Collective Investments in Transferable Securities (UCITS) through a Mutual Investments wide funds range.


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